Write an Autoresponder Course: And Boost Your Writing Income! (How to Write Book 6)

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*How to Write Series – Book Six*

What if I told you anyone can write an autoresponder course, even if you’re not a writer?

Here’s the problem: You’ve written your course in the hope of earning passive income. But it’s just not happening. And you have no idea where you went wrong.
Sure, people sign up, but after just one or two lessons they unsubscribe and you’ve lost them forever.
What’s going on?????
Fact: Autoresponder courses have been around for a very long time.
Fact: If you can write a cohesive article, you can write an autoresponder course.
Fact: Provided you do it right, autoresponders can add to your income, and build your list.
But most people are not doing it right!
They’re leaving money on the table, and losing subscribers by the hundreds, if not thousands – simply because they don’t know how to do it properly.
Many free courses consist of watery information or badly written content. Both are the reason for most unsubscribes. When that happens, you’ve lost a potential buyer – usually forever – which in turn means money down the drain.
It is a widely known fact that loyal subscribers will buy from you – over and over again.
If they like your first product, they’ll buy the next, and the next, and the next… usually without hesitation.
But first you need to capture their details – and keep them! The easiest way to do that is provide good quality and informative free courses.
Everyone expects writers and marketers to be all rounders. As with everything else in your life, if you’ve never been shown how, you can’t be expected to possess the skills required.
This no-fluff, meaty 36 page report will take you by the hand and show you what you’re doing wrong. But more importantly, it will show you how to get it right!
Here are just a few snippets of the information you’ll learn:
*The two biggest mistakes most people make when writing their course
*How writing even the simplest course will generate passive income – over and over again
*Which common error could cost you thousands
*The simple technique that will organise and build your course content
*An easy but rarely used system that will not only catapult your sales, but set you up as an expert! (And also spread the word like wildfire)
Whether you’re experienced or a total newbie, the information contained in this report will assist with your online business.
This report is suitable for writers who want to learn this new skill and sell their services, as well as internet marketers who want to make passive income by offering autoresponder courses to their subscribers.
If you’ve read this far, this book is for you. Hit the BUY button now, and find out how you can increase your writing income.