Fun Sex Positions You Must Try Out

Here are a couple of fun sex positions that you can bring to the bedroom to spice things up a bit and keep some sexual variety in the bedroom.

The seventy-nine is among the top fun sex positions for many guys.

It usually starts off in the sixty-nine position and then still facing the same way, the girl scoots up closer to your feet so you can enter her.

This great position gives you full view of her lovely assets and if you’re both open to it, also allows for a little anal finger play.

Now do not do this if it’s your first time or haven’t already reassured her how much you love her behind. A lot of women tend to get a little self-conscious about this body part so you want to make sure this issue is resolved before trying this position.

If she’s not confident and comfortable with her rear, then she won’t feel very good having it completely exposed to your view like this.

Do this by telling her how terrific her ass looks and just how much you love the view.

Here’s a bonus tip for you. Whenever you’re trying a new position or some crazy sexual fantasy with your girl, always reinforce a positive vibe for taking the action.

You might not enjoy the new experience you’ve just tried and that’s ok. It’s important that she knows, but also be sure to let her know how much you love her openness to trying new things so that she keeps wanting to do them.

Another one of the fun sex positions that you should definitely try out is the rodeo rider.

In this position your woman is on top while you lie down with your knees bend up a little. She places her feet at the sides of your waist or chest while leaning back and resting her body on your calves which are bent up a little. She can either ride or grind on you as she hold herself up with her hands and feet.

Another tip to make it easier for her is to hold her at the ankles so they can’t slip away.

While your girl is on top of you grinding or riding away, let her do the thrusting. Even if it’s not in the most stimulating or comfortable position for you, she’s doing it because it’s very pleasing for her and this is what’s going to make her orgasm.

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